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Auxiliary Sail Endorsements Online

This endorsement is required by any captains in charge of an inspected sailing vessel. This means the vessel is approved to carry more that six passengers with at least one for hire.

Online Class Registation How offered through Explorers Guide Online.Com

 Course Details:



Course Details
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Length: 4 hours

Semester Credits: .2

Available: Online  24/7 .

Course Fee: $150 or $50 added on to any of our captains license courses.

Sea Service:180 days of sea service on sailing vessel for Inland or Near Coastal with 360 days required for Near Coastal Masters.

There are the following lesson in the Auxiliary Sail Endorsememts course

  • Why Boats Fly - Sailboats like airplans use the methiods of propulsion
  • Commands - important for captain, helm, and crew to know proper commands.
  • Parts of a Sailboat -  sailboats have lots of parts with different names.
  • Types of Sailing Vessels -  not allsailboats are a like. Learn the differences.

Rules of the Road -  sailboats have several differnt rule than power boats.

 Locations: For online students, please visit our Proctor Site page for a list of approved proctor sites in your area.



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