Lifeboatman Limited Online

inflatablelifeboatcanopydoekdusseldorf4Online Lifeboatman - Limited Endorsement

Eight Hour class plus One fifty-Question exam

  COST:$195 online or classroom without practical


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Lifeboatman Limited is required to get your Able Seaman credentials. When things happen you are part of the team to handle emergencies including manning rescue craft and abandon ship. This course cover the basics to carry out these responsibilities.

 We offer Lifeboatman Limited course without the practical.

After much discussion with the NMC, the practical requirements can be satisfied by using our National Limited Lifeboatman Practical Form. lifeboatman LImited Practical Checklist 

This form was developed following the cfr t reflecet teh National Lifeboatman requirements.

This is not the proficiency in Survival Craft checklist.

This course covers the following topics:

- Take charge of a rescue boat, liferaft, or other lifesaving apparatus during and after launch;Fast Rescue Boat Walk through of launching a rescue craft

- Operate a rescue boat engine;

- Manage a survival craft and survivors after abandoning ship;

- Rescue boat Management,

            Launching rescue craft

            clearing away,

            handling of rescue craft

            Safely recover rescue boats ,

- Use locating and communication devices