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OUPV To Masters Upgrade Near Coastal Route Online

Online OUPV to Master 100 ton Upgrade Near Coastal Routes

Feb/01/2016 -  Dec/31/2020
12 pm06 -  12 pm06
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OUPV to Masters Upgrade Near Coastal Online
OUPV to Masters Upgrade Near Coastal Online
$ 335.00
Sail Endorsement with Master upgrade
Sail Endorsement when taken with Master upgrade
$ 50.00
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Event description:

OUPV to Masters 100-Ton Upgrade course increases your captains license to include inspected vessels. The routes you are approved for depends on your seaservice. While this course can be used for all three, it is designed for teh Near Coastal route.

SEa service is 720 days of which 360 are on the Great Lakes or NC waters.Tonnage requirements are the same for Inland and Great Lakes but double for NC.

There are added modules on International treaties, occan Currents and more detailed survival. It is a 20 hour class.

The license allows you to operate both inspected and uninspected vessels with a gross tonnage up to 100 tons, and is required by the USCG for any inspected vessel certified to carry more than 6 passengers for hire.

Exams: There is one 50-question exam procoted exam. If you have a colregs rules restriction on your license, you must take the 50-question rules for Near Coastal route.

Plan ahead for your proctored exam. Ideally, give us at least a two-week window for scheduling and sending out the exams.  With over 400 proctored exam locations around the country, we usually can find a test center within one to two hour drive. BUT if local test centers can not help, it may be farther.

Course Fee: $335  includes course materials, instruction, one exam sitting, and Certificate of Completion. 

Topics include: Stability, manning, safety drill, ships construction, fire fighting and more.