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Able Seaman Online Class

Able Seaman Online Course 

Apr/01/2016 -  Jan/01/2020
12 am08 -  12 am08
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Able Seaman online course
Able Seaman Online Course
$ 695.00

Event description:

Able Seaman is a deck rating that requires qualifying sea service experience and training. The rating you will receive depends on your qualifying sea service time.

PLEASE NOTE:  This course does include the required lifeboatman - limited survival exam. However you will need to provide proof of completing a rescue craft launch per NVIC 09-14, certificate for Proficiency in Survival Craft or certificate for lifeboatman class.

If you are on a vessel without lifeboats you can complete the attached Lifeboatman Practical form It must be signed by a captain with similar credentials.

EXAMS:  There are two proctored exams plus a knot/Splice practical.

Rules of the Road/Navigation: 50 questions: Need 70% correct or 35 correct.
Deck General and Safety: 50 questions. Need 70% or 35 correct
Demonstration of competency in Knot Tying and Splicing
. - 10 knots in 15 minutes plus a splice and whipping.

 Plan ahead for your proctored exam. Ideally, give us at least a two-week window for scheduling and sending out the exams.  With over 400 proctored exam locations around the country, we usually can find a test center within one to two hour drive. BUT if local test centers can not help, it may be farther.

Capt Gary