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For Wisconsin and Illinois classes visit www.EGMidwest.com

For Claifornia Grass Valley, Crescent City and Redding, please call Capt Phil at 530-923-0252 


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 Explorer's Guide Maritime Academy offers NMC approved courses in classroom setting in Wisconsin, Illinois.  Coming soon to Minnesota and Iowa.

Class sizes are typically small, affording ample student/instructor interaction. Our instructors are experienced in meeting the special needs of adult learners. Need more information or have questions on which license you qualify for? Give us a call at 920-733-5500. We are happy to help.

  "You two are a class act and I truly appreciate you both". V/R, Capt  Jon

"I can’t thank you enough for how enjoyable you made the experience of getting my license.  I was really nervous about the tests, but with all of reviews that you put in the program, they really turned out to be a non-issue." Capt Gert

Need Application Help?  

We help hundreds of mariners every year with their paper work. First check out the videos and forms on our Application Help Page.


 "Fair Winds and Following Seas" 

Captain Gary Kulibert - Explorer's Guide Maritime Academy