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Explorer's Guide Maritime Academy Classroom Courses

Classroom class to meet your maritime needs.

classroom picIt may have been a while since you’ve gone to school. It is normal for people to be just a little concerned. If that is the case, then our classroom courses are ideal for you. For some students, nothing beats speaking directly to the instructor (face time) or listening to the other students. Our courses are reasonably priced and include all study materials, workbooks and one sitting of the exams. Wisconsin classes are approved for Veterans wanting to use the GI-BIll.

We provide the one-on-one social interaction with the instructor and other students. For a group of friends or coworkers taking a class together, it is a great learning experience. Classes are scheduled to minimize time off from work; normally a combination of evening and weekends.

Our instructors work with our students to provide a positive learning environment. We use props to help explain key points. Classrooms provide a distraction-free environment for students to focus on the topics. If needed, added mentoring can be provided. Our goal is to leave no student behind. After work classes can be a little tiring. Our instructors know when students are nodding off and in need of a break.

Classroom Locations:  Our classes are routinely held in Appleton, WI; Sturgeon Bay, WI, Sheboygan, WI, Chicago, IL, Westmont, IL, Brookfield, IL,  Grass Valley, CA and other west coast locations.

We do teach classroom courses at other locations. If you want a custom class give us a call.

Captain's license Courses

Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels (OUPV) Inland, Great Lakes and Near Coastal

OUPV to Mate 200 Ton, with possible 200 Ton Masters

OUPV Upgrade to Master 100 Tons

Master 100 Ton Increase in Scope from Great Lakes/Inland to Master 100 Ton Near Coastal

Captain's License Endorsements

Able Seaman

Auxiliary Sailing

Assistant Towing

Rules of the Road




What Captains License Do I Need?

As a guide (fishing, waterfowl hunting, etc), being a charter captain for day trips, or running a water taxi on inland waterways and the Great Lakes, Explorer's Guide Maritime Academy offers the Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessel (OUPV 6-pack) Inland/Great Lakes Captains License course. This captains license allows you to take up to 6 paying passengers on your vessel.


If you want to go out on near coastal waters such as the Gulf of Mexico as one of the above mentioned captains, you want to take the OUPV 6-pack Near Coastal captains license class through Explorer's Guide Maritime Academy. This course is perfect for the mariner interested in employment as a charter boat captain, tour guide, fishing guide taking up to 6 paying passengers on your vessel, or for commercial fisherman.


For those of you who have more sea time and want to work on larger boats, be a charter captain of a larger vessel, and have the ability to tow a vessel in need, you may decide to apply for your 25/50/100-ton Masters captains license with an Assistance Towing Endorsement. This license allows the mariner to captain up to a 100 gross ton inspected vessel with 6+ passengers for hire.

Already have a base captains license? Add an Auxiliary Sailing or Assistance Towing Endorsement or get your Marine Radio Operators Permit.


Call us (920) 733- 5500 for more information on our schedule of Merchant Mariner License (Captains License) Courses.  Most of our USCG-approved captains license courses are available in three formats - Classroom and Distance Learning.


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