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The Explorers Guide Maritime Academy can help you with your USCG license application. Our experienced, helpful staff can assist you through the process. Below you will find all of the forms you need to begin the USCG Captains license Application process.

 To start the USCG Captain License Application process, first selected the correct checklist below. NOTE: These are used by the National Maritime Center to check your license application. 

OUPV Checklist Inland, Great Lakes Near Coastal

Master 100 ton upgrade Inland Great Lakes Check List

Master 100 ton upgrade Near Coastal Check List

Able Seaman with Lifeboatman National License Check List  Check list for Lifeboatman Limited Practical Only the items marked LTD or Both must be done.

Mate 200 Ton Check List

 Video Help with your applications: Capt Gary has posted the following youtube videos that explain each item required for a complete application package

With seventeen years of experience working with the NMC on mariners applications, you will find these very helpful. They show you the finer points of getting it done right the first time. Save you time and money!

Merchant Mariner Credentials how to complete the application videos


These are fillable PDF files Click the links below to download the needed forms. NOTE: these are linked to the NMC which still uses an unsecured federal site. You may have to add an exception to your browser to download the forms.

If you need forms or other information not listed below, go to the NMC website. Here is the link

NOTE: all the NMC forms have been updated to a new expiration date March 31, 2021. New forms must be used starting Sept 1, 2018.

A) Merchant Mariners Application (CG-719B)new form

B) Disclosure Statement For Narcotics, DWI/DUI, and/or Other Convictions new form

C) Merchant Mariners Medical Certificate (Physical Exam) (CG-719K): new form

  - If you have a medical issue please download NMC guidance and bring the related section to your doctor.

- As of Feb 1, 2018 you can email your medical physical exam directly to the NMC BUT only the medical form CG-719K. This will speed up the process. Address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

D) D OT/USCG Periodic Drug Testing Form (Form CG-719P) ; new form

- Note: Here are two sources for finding an acceptable drug testing center: Go to AAMRO site ;selected only people with the blue approval box) or go to Drug Alcohol Testng Inductry Association 

If you are part of a military or maritime company's drug testing program this link will show you how to write the required letter


E) Small Vessel Sea Service Form (CG-719S) new form

- Sea service information for USCG,  military and Merchante Mariners Credentials related to sea service.

Ea) Need copy of previously submitted information, make a legacy files request. The legacy file is now stored at a Federal Records Center, and contains all information previously submitted by the mariner. Mariners can request this information by submitting a records request (Legacy File request form).

 F) For the oath just have page three of the application notarize. Or, you can use the Merchant Mariner Oath Form

G) Universal TWIC Enrollment Center   If you have any questions about TWIC card services, contact UES Call

Center at 1-855-DHS-UES1 (855-347-8371). NOTE: When applying for your TWIC card, Applicant must state "Job Position" as Merchant Mariner. If you do not do this, National Maritime Center will not get your TWIC information and your license will be delayed.

TWIC Exemption request for renewals is part of the new application. For original license you must apply for the TWIC.

Wondering if your "criminal background" will deny you your TWIC? Check out all of the disqualifying offences and time constraints HERE!!


H) First Aid/CPR Card must be Red Cross, American Heart Association or Emergency and Care institute card are accepted. IF IT IS AMERICAN HEART get certificate of completion (AMERHA-216) or it will not be accepted. PLEASE NOTE: American Heart Saver by Heart Saver Institute is not acceptable. Look who offers the course before taking it!

(If you need a class, Brenda does an online class then skills test in the class. Call us if you need a course (920) 733-5500 or enroll at


I) Pay your Application Fee $145 fee ($100 for maritime officer license and $45 for issuance) at  - Sample how to fill out the payment form


J) REC address for application submittal


K) Check on your application status

Click to print display copy of your credentials 

 If you will need assistance from others with the National Maritime Center, please complete the

Third Party Application Release form for applications

Third Party Medical form

as they will not talk with us about your USCG Merchant Mariners License application without a signed form.

If you have questions please call the NMC or give us a call. 920-733-5500

Best of Luck

Captain Gary


Helpful Links for Your Application


National Maritime Center

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