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Upgrade to Inland Great Lakes Captains License

Easy to upgrade your captains license to an Inland/Great Lakes
Masters with our 15 hour course

Enroll Today - Online Course    or    Classroom Setting

Needs to upgrade your credentials to Inland or Great Lakes Masters? Explorer's Guide Maritime Academy has the course to do just that.  Our new Masters Upgrade to Inland or Great Lakes Masters is just 15 hours long with one 50-question exams

With this one weekend course your credentials can be upgrade to operate a 25, 50, or 100-ton inspected vessel depending on your sea service. This upgrade allows you to operate inspected vessels on Inland or Great Lakes waters.

Companies are looking for qualified masters. Get you upgrade now to meet those needs. 



● 12 Hours classroom or online
● Online 100 Ton Captains license course available 24/7; Classroom normally is a Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Fee:$295 includes course materials, instruction, one sitting of the one final proctored exam, and Certificate of Completion 

For a 100 Ton Captains license, the mariner must:
● Be at least 19 years old for Inland/Great Lake; 21 year old for Near Coastal
● Be a U.S. Citizen
● Speak and understand English
● Be able to get TWIC
Have required sea service - 360 days inland and or Great Lakes with 90 days in the last 3 years
● The tonnage on your license depends on your sea service. One day on a vessel over 5 gross tons gets you a 50 ton masters license; 180 days on a vessel over 34 gross tons or 90 days on a vessel over 51 gross tons gets you a 100 ton license. 
Build on your OUPV license. They include:

  • Stability,
  • Manning,
  • Safety drill,
  • Ships construction,
  • Fire fighting,
  • Assistance towing, 
  • And more.
Classroom classes are held at our Appleton office in Wisconsin and in California, Illinois, Georgia 
  • Appleton,
  • Sturgeon Bay

  • Have more questions? Feel free to call us at (800) 487-6029