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Masters Inland Great Lakes Westmont, IL May 14, 15, 2022

Masters Inland Great lakes, Near Costal Westmont, IL May 14, 15, 2022

May/14/2022 -  May/20/2022
12 pm05 -  05 pm05
The registration period is from Jan/15/2022 12 am01 to May/14/2022 12 am05

Event description:

Masters Inland Great lakes  Westmont, IL May 20, 21, 22. 2022

Dates:  May 14, 15, 2022

Time: start at 8:30 am 

All registrations are through Explorers Guide Midwest. For more information and to register click here.</p

Location: 15 S Cads Ave, Westmont, Il 60559

Key point this credentials lets you operate an INSPECTED VESSEL for the approved route and tonnage. This does not apply to your oupv vessel.. 

 The one 50-question exam will be give late on Sunday afternoon.

 The Masters Upgrade course provides an opportunity to those with a valid OUPV License to raise their grade to a Masters.


The tonnage you will get depends on the tonnage of the vessel you served on.


Sea service is the same as the oupv for the Inland Great Lakes, 360 days 

The license allows you to operate both inspected and uninspected vessels with a gross tonnage up to 100 tons, and is required by the USCG for any inspected vessel certified to carry more than 6 passengers for hire. Needed for tour boats, head boats, dive operators, and more.


 Course Fee: $335. Includes course materials, instruction, proctored 50-question exam, and Certificate of Completion. Course length is 14 hrs for Inland Great Lakes.

 Topics include: Block and tackle, stability, rules and regulations for inspected boats, safety drill, ships construction, fire fighting, weather, and more.

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